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About Akhsa


A “natural-born sadomasochist

Akhsa’s interest in SM Culture stemmed from her enjoyment of pain, such as the sensation she experienced when dripping wax on her hand. Thanks to her avid reading of books and encyclopedias, she came to understand that this interest was called masochism. This term served as a foundation for her to explore further into aspects related to SM Culture.

Unlike many who initially get their interest from Western pornography, Akhsa’s fascination with SM Culture is more influenced by her love for Japanese culture. This is what underlies her decision to study Shibari and BDSM within the Japanese SM Culture framework.

Akhsa’s inspiration for learning Shibari comes from within herself. The beauty and pleasure in Shibari motivated her to delve deeper into the art. The expressions displayed by people and their partners during Shibari sessions also strengthened her interest.

In addition to her self, Akhsa has found inspiration from some renowned names in the world of Shibari, such as Hajime Kinoko, Pauline Massimo, Marie Sauvage, and Kamui Jyubei, who, in her opinion, have beautiful unique approaches and expressions in Shibari.

During her Shibari learning journey, Akhsa was mentored by a Shibari enthusiast in Indonesia, but for the most part, she self-taught using online guidance and learned directly from various Nawashi when they visited Indonesia. To further enhance her skills, she plans to obtain teaching certifications in Shibari from various schools and Shibari styles, including those offered by Hajime Kinoko.

Akhsa’s conviction in pursuing a career as a Shibari artist is driven by her love for Shibari and BDSM. She believes that Shibari and BDSM serve as tools for self-expression and have the potential to serve various purposes. This ambition fuels her efforts to dispel the negative stigma often associated with BDSM and Shibari in Indonesia. Therefore, she strives to provide credible, affordable sources of education about BDSM and Shibari in Indonesia, which she believes are currently underserved.

Embracing the sadomasochistic side and enjoying the opportunity to connect with others through Shibari practices is what makes Akhsa deeply passionate about her journey as a Shibari artist. To her, Shibari is not just a medium for personal expression but a means to connect with others on a profound level. The philosophy that “rope is a medium for communication” resonates deeply with her, and she believes Asanawa has ability cleanse individuals of their impurities, as beautifully described by Hajime Kinoko. Akhsa takes immense joy in using her skills to help people discover and embrace their true desires.

Being a speaker at RUMPI by Gthingst and Nipplets with more than 100 participants is just one of the many achievements in Akhsa’s career as a Shibari artist. However, her most cherished accomplishment is creating a safe space where people can comfortably explore their desires and true selves.

Akhsa doesn’t view BDSM and Shibari as a “dark world” but rather as a means of free and guilt-free self-expression. Therefore, she endeavors to adopt an open and judgment-free approach. Desire in Shibari and BDSM is a natural aspect of herself that she seeks to express in her practice. Additionally, her connection with SM Culture isn’t through pornography but through Japanese culture. As a result, her practice is more inclined towards Japanese SM Culture. Beyond being a practitioner, she consistently approaches Shibari and BDSM from a scientific perspective. These are the aspects that set Akhsa apart from other practitioners.

For Akhsa, Shibari is not only a tool for sensuality and sexuality but also a versatile medium for various purposes, such as communication, art, relaxation, therapy, body works, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of human complexity. Shibari allows her to embrace her own body, mind, soul, and those of the individuals she ties. It is a way for her to celebrate her authentic self, her natural desires, and the true essence of the people she connects with through this unique art form.

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Akhsa Kezia